IT Outsourcing

Our Success

Comspark IT Solutions provides information technology consulting, outsourcing and staffing to optimize a client’s IT infrastructure, reduce overall IT costs, Improve service levels and free up capital for strategic investment.
We have deep experience in Business Application Services, Testing & Quality Assurance, Program Management Services, IT Operations,
Outsourcing Advisory Services, Information Security & Risk Management and Resources Process Outsourcing. We help clients succeed by enhancing their bottom line, utilizing leading technology to support their business strategy and solving complex problems with proven technical solutions.

How we deliver

Comspark IT Outsourcing practice delivers high-quality services built on industry best practices. Our integrated delivery model combines world-class project management with business and technology experts to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Whether you are looking for an off-site solution in one of our Centers of Excellence, an on-site solution or a hybrid approach, Comspark is adaptable and ready to deliver the solution that best meets your needs.

Why Comspark

  • Custom Application development
  • Application Management
  • Migration & Re-engineering
  • System integration
  • Testing

Our Process

Project planning, feasibility study: Comspark establishes a high-level view of the intended project and determines its goals.

Systems analysis, requirements definition: we refine project goals into defined function/s and operation/s of the intended application/s. Analyze end- user information needs.

Systems design: we describe desired features and operations in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudo code and other documentation.

Implementation: The real code is written here.

Integration and testing: we bring all the pieces together into a special testing environment and then check for errors, bugs eventually leading to interoperability.

Acceptance, installation, deployment: The final stage of initial development, where the software is put into production and runs actual business.

Maintenance: changes, correction, additions and moves.